May we introduce ourselves?

Health Solution: Humus and fulvic acid

Health Solution is in the first place a source of information for humus and fulvic acid. These two components are rather unknown in the Netherlands. At our website you can find extended information about the qualities, the origin, the production and the effect of Humus and Fulvic Acid on both human, animal and plants.

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Offer Health Solution

We offer you an information platform about humus and fulvic acid in general and particularly about our products. We keep you informed about the studies we (or a third party) make.

We gladly share our knowledge about humus and fulvine acid with you!
You can also order our products from our website.

Division of BioAg Europe

Health Solution is a division of BioAg Europe. BioAg Europe cooperates with the American company BioAg and is established with two distinct purposes:

1. The circulation of knowledge about humus and fulvic acid;

2. The supply of reliable products based on Humus and Fulvine Acid.

The product development of BioAg Europe is based on reputable studies, research and cooperation with e.g. scientists, universities, academies, agricultural experts and complementary therapists.

Sharing education and knowledge
Besides the development of products based on Humus and Fulvic Acid, BioAg Europe sets great store sharing education and knowledge of Humus in the field of vegetation, (agricultural) pets and human.

The products for animals of BioAg Europe are provided with a GMP (Good Manufacturing Practice) certificate.  

Team Health Solution

The team of Health Solution consists of dedicated people with a passion for health products, particulary for health products based of humus and fulvic acid.

We made it our aim to offer education and knowledge about humus and fulvic acid, in order to both receal the essential worth of our products, as well as our ecological system.


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